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Zero Paper Initiative

The idea of Zero Paper Initiation is to create a workspace to eliminate or reduce the usage of paper. Corporate world says it is the office of the future. In other words, you’ll spend less on paper and printing supplies. This initiation started to digitalize the system in the daily workflow. Going paperless saves a lot of money and it makes information sharing a lot easier. The concept boosts productivity, saves space and more importantly it keeps personal information more secure. Beyond all, it gives satisfaction that we are helping the environment. Going paperless, do not limit an organization to communicate outside the office. 

Tools AND uses for Zero Paper Initiation

Now we have a lot of tools to replace a paperless workspace. Some are as follows:

Digital Signature – This is the normal procedure for all the companies to send documents and return it to them by signing them. In most cases users do a multi step process to respond. Like print, sign, scan and send. In Zero paper initiation, SMD is using services like PDF, DocuSign and EverSign to rule out these steps and users can do a digital signature by clicking on the link sent via email. These services come with a small price, but it saves a lot of money and space we spend on bookkeeping.

Portable Document Format (PDF) – PDF is lifesaver and used for multiple actions. Users can create, display and interact with electronic documents and forms.

E-mail – This is widely used by most of the world. Email is a form of communication, allows user to send and receive information including files in the form of attachment

Payroll system – Now say no to mail the paystubs. SMD is currently using Patriot, it’s a great tool to run payroll and send invoices to the clients. 

IT Management Software – Bookkeeping is not easy when the company size is large. SMD uses Zoho, a web based business tool. It is an all in one solution for many actions in a daily workspace. The application support areas Include Sales and Marketing (CRM, Campaigns, surveys, social, forms etc.), Business Process (Reports, invoice, subscription, inventory etc.), Email collaboration (Mail, Docs, Projects, bug tracker, meeting etc.) and Human Resources (teams and recruit).

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