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IT Outsourcing Services |SMD Technosol
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IT Outsourcing Services | SMD Technosol

Optimizing the value of your time and expertise


Managing It infrastructure is a strategically important part of many organizations. Sometimes, this important piece that determines your business competence is also the most challenging part operationally. For organizations that wish to focus on their core expertise, we recommend IT outsourcing.

We provide reliable, secure, and effective outsourcing solutions with minimal investment and risk. Unlike old-school outsourcing models, we allow for this to evolve as a strategic partnership which will pave the way to transform your business. Our solutions will help you reduce IT costs, accelerate products to market, and gives you room to focus on your core business needs.

Our integrated delivery model reduces the complexity and risk of doing business in remote locations. We choose resources after a stringent screening process along with you.

Application Services

We can build specific applications based on your requirement and support any existing or new application infrastructure. You can also outsource any new product development to us, and we will deliver on spec.

Business Intelligence

Improve your organizational performance with data-driven support. We collect, model, and present your business data in an actionable format that allows you to take the right steps forward. Whether this is a long-term project or a quick temporary intervention, we are here to support you.

Infrastructure Management Services

Do you want to outsource part of your infrastructure or the entirety of it? Either way, we can support you. We have invested in significant IT infrastructure to optimize your cost. We offer you a dedicated server, and data center to support your business.

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Optimize the value you derive out of your expertise. Call us to discuss further.